Subject Access Review

Under the Data Protection Act, only the person who the information relates to is entitled to request information about themselves: this is known as a Subject Access Request (SAR). You have a legal right to request information held about you unless there is an applicable, valid exemption. Please note that should another person request information about you, unless specifically allowable under the DPA (normally for other legislative purposes), their request is likely to be refused.

Once a request has been received by us, Property Debt Collection Limited is obliged to respond within 40 days of receipt of a request, regardless of weekends and public holidays.

Please note that Property Debt Collection Limited charges £10.00 for the provision of this information.

Subject Access Requests should be in writing and may be submitted by letter or email. So that we can respond fully, they should include your name and correspondence address. You should also provide as much detail as possible to enable Property Debt Collection Limited to identify the information sought. Before we release the information to you, we will require at least two means of identity, as it is illegal for us to release the information to anybody other than the Data Subject (you). This may mean that you might be requested to come to our premises to provide this.

If information is required in a particular way, for example, a photocopy or on computer disk, this should also be stated in the application. If you have difficulty in identifying the precise information you require, or difficulty in making the application in writing, please contact our staff, who will be pleased to help you.

Subject Access Requests for information under the DPA should be addressed to:

Kat Bye & Daniel Waite
Property Debt Collection Limited
2 Centrus
Mead Lane
SG13 7GX

Appeals procedure under the DPA 1998

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with our response to a Subject Access Request made to us under the DPA, you have the right to appeal our decision directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office. This will start an independent review process, during which the Information Commissioner’s Office will undertake a review of our process, reasoning and withheld information to ensure that due process and sound reasoning in line with the DPA have been followed.

You can raise a complaint if we have failed to:

The Case Reception Unit
Customer Service Team
The Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Phone: 08456 306060
Fax: 01625 545510