Why PDC?

Why PDC?

Below are some reasons why you should choose PDC every time...

No win No fee

Property Debt Collection Limited is able to offer a No win No Fee service to collect service charge and ground rent arrears.

  • Our aim is to collect each case at no cost to the management company.
  • The majority of our cases are paid without the need for legal action, which therefore keeps costs to our client and the resident to a minimum.


PDC have invested heavily in technology to enable us to ensure we collect each debt in the shortest possible timescale. 

  • Our processes are constantly monitored and revised to highlight where our collection rate can be at its most efficient.
  • We can accept new cases in bulk – from 1 to 10,000 instructions.
  • Payments are remitted to our clients on a weekly basis.


Over the last 20 years we have established a unique relationship with mortgagees and have helped maintain the relationship between Managing Agent and Resident.

  • In our experience, if the lender is provided with the correct documentation they will make payment to Property Debt Collection swiftly.
  • Our UK based call centre and administrative teams undergo a rigorous training programme to enable them to assist with dispute resolution.
  • “We use PDC within our debt collection process and find efficiency and accuracy in their systems. They also surprise us sometimes when they turn their sympathy button on, as they don't forget it's people and homes we deal with, not just the money! The website is worthwhile too, so we can keep in touch with their progress”

    Alan Coates MBIFM MIRPM

    HML Andertons Limited

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The proof is in our statistics:


We provide bespoke reports that can be tailored to your individual requirements. Our instant reporting tool enables us to give you ‘to the minute’ information, on everything from overall collection rate to detailed individual case status. 

Example weekly report on all cases:

Example weekly stat

Example monthly stats:

Example monthly stat


Our system can be programmed to ensure your Property Managers and team members have secure, instant access whilst on the road to live updates on cases.

Example of PDC Database login

Login – provided to you once your account is set up with PDC

Login screen

Search – Find your cases by the owner’s address, owner’s name or own account ref.

Search screen

Debt Details – Once you have located the correct account you can then view the current status

Details screen

Reports by man co – our reporting function enables you to run a report to list all cases for a specific management company

Reports screen