No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee

Getting your money back is now within reach!

Property Debt Collection's revolutionary 'no win no fee' service for the collection of ground rent and service charge arrears.

Property Debt Collection will issue correspondence and attempt to collect outstanding arrears for a fixed fee. For the cases that require legal action, a letter in accordance with the Pre Action protocol will be issued by Property Debt Collection along with a court fee request.

Once a court fee has been received Property Debt Collection will instruct PDC Law to prepare claim forms and obtain a County Court Judgment. Where necessary, PDC Law will instruct Counsel to attend hearings in the County Court and/ or First Tier Tribunal.

Once a judgment has been obtained, the case will be returned to Property Debt Collection who will endeavour to collect payment directly from the owner or their mortgagee.

Should payment not be forthcoming or where there is no mortgagee; PDC Law will write to you, identify other possible methods of enforcement and await your instructions.

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